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Jan 12, 2021

Covid Satanic Ritual

The world has been going through a satanic ritual and COVID is the ability to make the WHOLE world a part of it without knowledge. Will you wake up before you are unable to be free?

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The LIVE video stream is more important to share. There is NOT a single site doing this for free like this one. If this site wasn't doing what its doing for free, the information that is needed to get to the public would not be heard. And, there is NO BETTER MAN to do it.
This site has been up for a couple years, and $20.00 has been donated. What do YOU expect from lazy people that want to get things for free. If you don't help out, you are just TAKING.
I wanted to build the most interacive website with every communication tool that works . Also, other names were taken. I am just trying to share what will soon be deleted by a EMP. So far it didn't make an impact.
Take a journey with our radio shows. And make sure to come back for more things that not too many stations will broadcast. "Knowledge makes a person UNFIT to be a slave." - And we agree. Of course, slaves exsit today, we just get paid by the hour.


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